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Hyundai – Generator – HY3800RV



The Hyundai HY3800RV was built to simplify RV life.
Featuring conveniences such as an integrated RV receptacle, remote / electric start, automatic throttle and automatic choke are included to make powering your RV virtually effortless. – 3,300 watts of clean electricity, Outputs 120V at 27.5A, Campground approved, 3-year manufacturer warranty.

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Technical Specifications

Peak Watts: 3,800
Running Watts: 3,300
Amps (120V): 27.5A
Start Method: Recoil Start, Electric Start, Remote Start
Power Delivery: Pure Sine EcoMode
Parallel Capability: No
Motor: 212cc
Noise Level (100%): 65dB(A)
Fuel Capacity: 7.4L
Runtime (100%): 3.4 hrs
Panel Outlet: 5-20 20A x 2, TT-30 30A RV, 12V DC, 5A USB Outlet x2
Choke: Fully Automatic
Additional Features: TT-30 RV Plug, USB Ports

Shipping Information

Weight(lbs) 76.4(lbs)
Dimensions 23.75 x 18.75  x 18.5(in)

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