Alberta RV Rental

Need an RV? We have the perfect trailer or motorhome for your camping needs! Plus, we are offering you $40.00 off of your Alberta RV rental when you use the coupon code “RVMobile” at checkout.

Are you curious about the RV lifestyle and would like to rent before you buy?

We get it! Renting an RV gives you the opportunity to try different styles of trailers and motorhomes before you purchase one for yourself.

Renting is also a great way to save money and still camp in style. If you are only able to go camping a few times each year, you may save a significant amount of money by not having to make payments on an RV year-round.

RV Mobile Edmonton has you covered for all of your Alberta RV rental needs. With plenty of RVs to choose from, you can rent a motorhome one time and a travel trailer the next, the choice is yours.

We’ve partnered with Outdoorsy to offer a wide selection of Alberta RV rentals with 24/7 customer support and an industry-leading protection package so you can camp with the comfort knowing you are covered. Type in your location below and pick your dates, then browse through the available RV’s.

As an added bonus, get $40.00 off for booking through RV Mobile by using the coupon code “RVMobile” at the checkout!

Alberta RV Rental In 4 Easy Steps


Type your location in the search bar to explore the available RVs for rent in your area.


Click on “Dates” to select the date range that you wish to rent an RV for.


Explore Outdoorsy’s wide variety of options to find your perfect trailer or motorhome.


Click on “Dates” to select the date range that you wish to rent an RV for.

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