Spring Start-up

Save money, save time and get ready for camping with our Edmonton RV Spring Start-up services!

It’s Time To Prepare Your Edmonton RV For Summer Camping

A spring inspection will ensure you are ready for the season.

Important Inspection Points For Your RV

Propane System Leak & Pressure Test

An RV propane (LP Gas) system requires a yearly inspection to check for leaks and to confirm your appliances are working at the correct pressure. Appliances are designed to work at a specific pressure, when they fall outside this window they stop functioning properly. Fridges stop cooling, water heaters stop heating, and you stop being happy. The method we use to test for leaks can identify a leak that your nose is not able to pick-up, don’t take a chance with safety, have your LP gas system inspected at our Edmonton RV shop today.

Roof / Sidewall Seal Condition

A roof leak is every RV owner’s worst nightmare and may be too small to notice until it’s too late. Checking your roof twice a year – after a long cold winter, and in the fall is critical in keeping your RV damage free! Water creeping into the membrane on a rubber roof can cause dry rot to the wood underneath, while a constant drip into a wall can cause an expensive delamination issue.

Wheel Bearing / Electric Brakes

Save yourself from a roadside mechanical breakdown by having your wheel bearings inspected. When a trailer sits in storage over the winter, moisture can enter the bearings causing them to fail as you head out on your first trip of the year. During this inspection we will also inspect and adjust your brakes so you are ready for your mountain adventures.

LP Gas, Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector

Make safety a priority and have your detectors inspected once per year by a professional along with testing before each camping trip.

Appliance Inspection

When your RV sits for the winter dust and dirt collect and can cause poor performance. Additionally, spiders are attracted to the smell of propane and will build nests in areas that are hard to reach, causing your appliances to not operate properly. Have your appliances cleaned and inspected to ensure peace of mind that everything is functioning correctly for your next getaway!

Water Damage / Moisture Reading

Our team of professionals know the signs of water damage in your RV and can identify a minor problem before it turns into a major one. We can also provide a secondary test with a moisture meter to confirm your RV is dry after a wet winter. This will save you from having to deal with mould and mildew and costly expenses in the future!

Camping Season Is Right Around The Corner


Basic Package



  • Install water heater plug or anode rod
  • Change bypass to summer position
  • Flush all antifreeze out of fresh water system
  • Pressurize fresh water system and check for leaks
  • Visual inspection of roof and sidewall seal condition

*Most trailers, fifth wheels, and small motorhomes.



+$99 for RVs over 28′
+$199 for Class “A” motorhomes


Everything included in our Basic PLUS:

  • Test all exterior running, break, and signal lights
  • RV battery inspection
  • Visual inspection of chassis and suspension system
  • Check tire condition and adjust pressure to factory spec
  • Check expiry dates on propane, CO2 & smoke detectors
  • Propane system leak test

*Most trailers, fifth wheels, and small motorhomes.

The Works

+$99 for RVs over 28′
+$199 for Class “A” motorhomes



Our most complete inspection service with everything included in our Deluxe PLUS:

  • In depth inspection of freshwater and wastewater system
  • Electrical system test – 110 volt & 12 volt
  • Propane system leak test & pressure test
  • Clean, inspect and function test all appliances
  • Spin and wiggle test of wheel bearings and electric brake function
  • Awning hardware and canvas condition inspection
  • Moisture meter readings and visual inspection for water damage
  • Overall trailer condition assessment
  • Includes a written report with quotation for repair of any deficiencies indicated during the inspection


*Most trailers, fifth wheels, and small motorhomes.

Spring Start-up

Book your Edmonton RV Spring Start-Up now to ensure your trailer is ready for summer fun!

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