• Curt Echo Mobile Brake Controller - Wireless

    Brake Controller – Wireless


    The Echo® mobile trailer brake controller is truly a brake control for the modern age.
    Control and monitor all trailer brake activity from your smart device using the customizable Apple or Android app. Weather resistant, Retention strap and locking tab, Triple-axis motion-sensing accelerometer, Integrated circuit, Reverse polarity protection and Short-circuit protection. Compatable with 2 or 4 trailer brakes, Low-voltage or PWM wiring systems, Cruise control and ABS. Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.


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  • Breakaway Switch

    Breakaway Switch – Corrosion Free


    This completely sealed breakaway switch is designed to automatically set trailer brakes in case of accidental trailer breakaway, making it essential to all family trips.
    Emergency use only, not to be used to lock brakes when parked or stored – Featuring: Reinforced nylon case, Weldable metal tab, Nylon pin and rust and corrosion free design.


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  • Weight Distribution Hitch

    Weight Distribution Hitch


    Feel secure on the road with the Husky Weight Distribution Hitch.
    Minimizes trailer sway, Helps prevent dangerous and uncomfortable towing, Increases safety when braking, Maximizes control during high winds and rough road conditions.


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