Weather Damage?

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Does your RV have hail, heavy rain, or other weather damage?


It is important to get weather damage repaired on your RV for a variety of reasons. First, if left un-repaired, it can lead to more serious damage such as structural deterioration and water damage if there are any leaks. This can cause costly repairs further down the road and could even render your RV unusable. Second, repairing the damage can increase the lifespan of the RV. If left for too long, it may not be repairable or worth fixing at all. Third, weather damage can affect other systems in your RV such as electrical wiring and plumbing components that must be maintained for safety and optimal performance. Last but not least, fixing any weather-related damages will help protect the resale value of your RV in case you decide to sell it down the line.

Fortunately, our RV repair shop can work with your insurance company to help get it repaired. This is what our process looks like for weather damage at RV Mobile Edmonton:

1. Contact Your Insurance Company

2. Seal Up Your RV To Prevent Further Damage

3. We Will Speak With Your Insurance Company And Provide A Quote For Repair

4. We Offer Pick-Up/Drop-Off Services

5. We Also Offer On-Site Mobile Repair Services

6. Go Back To Camping

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