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Don’t miss out on our Gear Up and Go event for the 2024 season

We’re excited to offer you an incredible incentive the 2024 season. If your RV requires repairs totalling over $5000, we have a special treat in store for you.

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Bring your unit in and not only will we provide 0% financing on the repairs, but we’ll also offer you FREE RV storage from September to April, ensuring your RV is kept safe and secure during the off-season. As an added bonus, we’ll include a complimentary wash, winterize, and a basic spring start-up package so your RV is ready to hit the road when the next season arrives. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to have your RV repairs taken care of while enjoying amazing perks!

Want to Protect Your RV And Save Money?

Join our NEW maintenance plan!

Our maintenance plan is value-packed. Each year, you will receive a number of RV services including winterization, our Deluxe Spring Start-up, a year’s supply of Classic Camper holding tank treatment, and more!

Edmonton RV Spring Start Up

RV Maintenance Plan



  • 1 Year Of Complete RV Maintenance
  • $500 Parts + Labour Credit
  • 1 Year Supply Of Classic Camper Treatment
  • 10% Parts Discount For 1 Year

Deluxe Spring Start-up

  • Install water heater plug or anode rod
  • Change bypass to summer position
  • Flush all antifreeze out of your fresh water system
  • Pressurize fresh water system and check for leaks
  • Visual inspection of roof and sidewall seal condition
  • Test all exterior running, break, and signal lights
  • RV battery inspection
  • Visual inspection of chassis and suspension system
  • Check tire condition and adjust pressure to factory spec
  • Check expiry dates on propane, CO2 & smoke detectors
  • Propane system leak and pressure test


  • Drain water from your lines and fresh water tank
  • Remove your water heater plug or anode rod
  • Blow out lines with air and fill with plumbing antifreeze

Other Benefits

  • Classic Camper tank 
  • treatment for 1 year (18oz)
  • Tire inspection
  • Inspect brakes and test operation
  • We’ll lubricate all locks, slides, and steps
  • Appliance testing

Why Wait?

Join our maintenance plan today!

The Importance Of Maintenance

Did you know that an RV requires more maintenance than your average vehicle?

After all, it’s also a kitchen, office, bedroom and for many, a home. Protect your investment. Whether you’re a new RV owner, or a seasoned RV camper, you’ll want to keep up with your maintenance so that you save money and enjoy your camper for many years to come.

Let our experts keep your RV in top shape year-round.
Join our NEW maintenance plan today.

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Alberta RV Maintenance

RV Mobile Edmonton has you covered for all of your maintenance needs. To learn more, or for answers to any questions, please give us a call at 1-587-989-1271 or email [email protected].

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