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We’re excited to offer you an incredible incentive the 2024 season. If your RV requires repairs totalling over $5000, we have a special treat in store for you.

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Bring your unit in and not only will we provide 0% financing on the repairs, but we’ll also offer you FREE RV storage from September to April, ensuring your RV is kept safe and secure during the off-season. As an added bonus, we’ll include a complimentary wash, winterize, and a basic spring start-up package so your RV is ready to hit the road when the next season arrives. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to have your RV repairs taken care of while enjoying amazing perks!

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Tapeseal 303 – Butyl Tape X20



1901F Blended Tape is a general purpose, low cost, non-drying, tacky, putty tape with excellent adhesion to most clean, dry surfaces. Supplied in extruded rolls with a strippable backing, Available in both rectangular and round forms, Non sag and will not run out of joint can be used for providing effective seal alone or in combination with other materials.

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