RV Consignment Acheson

Frustrated with selling your RV privately? Consignment has benefits you will want to consider.

How It Works

RV Consignment step one, inspect and take photos and videos.

Our team inspects your RV, and takes 360° pictures and video.

RV Consignment step two, decide on a listing price

We help you decide on a listing price, so your RV sells in a timeline that works for you.

We list your RV on the largest selling platforms, reaching thousands of buyers.

We will show your RV and answer questions 7 days a week.

We provide financing options from all major banks, for any credit score, giving you the best option to sell.

We handle the paperwork and get you exactly what you want for your RV.

Consign Your RV With Us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? Feel free to contact us for more information.

What is consignment?

In Alberta, consignment allows a dealer to sell your RV for you. Each dealer must put up a $300,000 bond to protect you and ensure you receive payment for your RV.

How does consignment work?

We work with you to choose a selling price based on comparable units on the market, actual value of your RV, and how much you want to receive.

You pay a consignment fee that covers a safety inspection, Carfax, lien search and advertising fee.

And we get to work selling your RV!

Why consign with RV Mobile?

When deciding to offer consignment we make sure the customer has options that fit their budget and their RV.

Unlike other consignment shops, we give you the choice on how your RV is sold.

Beware of shops that try to convince you your RV isn’t worth what the market says, and then try to sell at a high price leaving them with all the profit.

At RV Mobile everything is upfront and easy to understand.

What will help me get the most value for my RV?

Depending on the value of your RV you will want to prepare it for sale in different ways, you also have the choice to let RV Mobile look after these tasks.


  • Wash the exterior
  • Clean the interior

Want to maximize the value?

  • Ensure sealant is in good condition
  • Detail and/or wax exterior
  • Provide service records for brakes/bearings and appliances

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