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Waste Holding Tank Treatment; Odorlos ™



Odorlos works naturally to eliminate holding tank odors, not just mask them!
Industrial strength, all natural formula so effective that 4 ounces eliminates all holding tank odors without perfumes or staining dyes. Breaks down waste and tissue, lubricates valves, safe for any septic tank system and safe for chemically sensitive people. FORMALDEHYDE FREE and works to eliminate the production of hydrogen sulfide gas– the rotten egg smell! The same formula is trusted worldwide by waste water treatment plants!


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Technical Specifications

Bio/Chemical Type: Biodegradable
Formaldehyde: No
Deodorant: No
Scent: Odorless
Tank Size: 40 Gallon
Unit Size: 4 Ounce
Unit Type: Packet
Unit Quantity: Pack Of 10
Packaging Language: English

Shipping Information

Weight(lbs) 3.0(lbs)
Dimensions 4.25 x 4.12 x 6  (in)

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