Resealing Your Roof – The Basics

Jun 12, 2018 | RV Maintenance, RV Repair

Let me ask you this question, do you like to have water entering your trailer through improperly maintained RV roof sealant without you knowing?

Ok, enough with the stupid questions. Of course, we don’t want water entering our trailer. Then why do so many people have issues with their roof leaking and water damage?

Regular inspections are not being performed.

Yearly roof inspections are not optional if you want to stay leak free. An RV roof is relatively flat and it has seams at the front and rear and around every opening on the roof. Skylights, roof vents, plumbing stack, TV antenna, Satellite dish.

Resealing a roof can be expensive, upwards of $1500 when performed properly. The RV roof sealant that most manufacturers use on rubber roofs is a product called Dicor, it comes in a tube and looks like a delicious marshmallow treat. Over time, this product wears down, cracks, peels and exposes areas for water to enter.

Here are your options…

Remove old RV roof sealant and reseal the rubber roof with Dicor once every 2-4 years depending on how your RV is stored. (If a reputable company is resealing your roof for a fraction of the cost they are not likely removing or cleaning up the existing sealant before placing the new sealant on top. This will prevent a proper bond and will require you to reseal again in the near future.


Use a product that has been used commercially for years, that is designed for flat roofs and has now been adapted for RV use. What is this product?

EternaBond Seam tape. You may have heard of it but have you seen it in action? This is the stickiest tape you will find, fingers are no match for this tape and it has up to a 15-year life expectancy when installed correctly.

RV Mobile Edmonton - RV Roof Reseal and Repari

Yes, but it must be more expensive than the stuff the dealer always sells me. The answer is no. Not only is roof seam tape a better product it pays for itself in the first year. You can expect to pay a similar amount for the same coverage. Installation, when done correctly is more labour intensive but the result is a product that may never have to be repaired for the life of your trailer.

Have your RV Technician walk you through the work that he is about to perform, know what you are paying for.

Contact RV Mobile today and learn more about recommended maintenance on your trailer.

Happy Camping

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