Why RV Mobile Isn’t Your Typical Alberta RV Dealer

Jul 27, 2023 | RVs

When it comes to choosing an RV dealer in Alberta, you want more than just a run-of-the-mill experience. You deserve exceptional service, unparalleled expertise, and a dealer that goes above and beyond. In this blog post, we invite you to discover why RV Mobile Edmonton stands out from the crowd as the top choice for an Alberta RV Dealer. From our customer-centric approach to our high-quality inventory and unbeatable services, let us show you why RV Mobile Edmonton is the best choice for RV enthusiasts looking for the best experience purchasing (or selling) an RV. 


Customer-Centric Approach

At RV Mobile, the customer always comes first. Unlike typical RV dealerships, we take pride in building long-lasting relationships with our customers. From the moment you step foot into RV Mobile Edmonton, you’ll notice that you’re not just another customer to us. We prioritize providing personalized, top-quality service. Our knowledgeable and friendly team takes the time to understand your unique needs and preferences. We’ll guide you through every step of the purchasing process, offering expert advice and recommendations to ensure you find the perfect RV that fits your lifestyle. With a commitment to exceptional customer service, we aim to exceed your expectations and make your RV buying (or selling)  journey a delightful experience.


Extensive Inventory

RV Mobile boasts an extensive inventory of top-quality new and used RVs, offering a wide range of options to suit every budget and requirement. Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a family seeking outdoor adventures, or retirees looking to explore the open road, we have the perfect RV for you. Our inventory includes a diverse selection of new and used RVs, featuring reputable brands known for their quality and reliability. With a vast array of floor plans, sizes, and amenities, we ensure that you’ll find the RV that matches your unique preferences and travel aspirations.


Unparalleled Service

At RV Mobile Edmonton, we go beyond just selling RVs; we offer innovative  services that enhance your RV ownership experience. For example, our RV Mobile Maintenance program can provide convenient and professional RV servicing right at your doorstep. Say goodbye to the hassle of hauling your RV to a service center. Our team of certified technicians can come to you, saving you time and effort. From routine maintenance to repairs and inspections, our mobile service ensures that your RV receives top-notch care without disrupting your travel plans.


Education and Support

We believe in empowering our customers with knowledge, free expert advice, and support. We understand that owning an RV can be a new and exciting experience, and we strive to be your go-to resource for all things RV-related. We equip you with the information you need to make informed decisions and maximize your RV ownership. Additionally, our dedicated team is always available to address any questions or concerns, providing ongoing assistance and peace of mind throughout your RV ownership journey.



Choosing RV Mobile Edmonton as your Alberta RV dealer is choosing an extraordinary experience. Our customer-centric approach, new and used RV inventory, innovative services, and commitment to education and support set us apart from the rest. Whether you’re a seasoned RV owner or embarking on your first adventure, trust RV Mobile Edmonton to provide personalized service, top-quality RVs, and the advice you need to make the most of your RV journeys. Experience the difference of RV Mobile Edmonton and discover why we are the epitome of excellence in the Alberta RV industry.

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