How To Buy or Sell Your RV in Alberta

Nov 9, 2022 | Buying an RV, RV Tips, RVs, Selling an RV

Are you thinking of selling your current RV and buying another? If so, this article is for you. Our experts have some advice that will help you find the most value when selling your RV and/or purchasing an RV. Plus, we’re sharing a new way for RV owners to sell or buy a camper that is packed with advantages! There are several ways to buy or sell your RV. Keep reading for a breakdown of your selling and buying options, including:

  • Privately Selling your RV
  • A NEW Way That You Can Sell Your RV (to RV Mobile Edmonton!) 
  • Buying Your RV Through A Dealership
  • Buying a Consigned RV 
  • A NEW Way To Buy An RV (through RV Mobile Edmonton!)

We also provide some of our top tips for each method, as well as the cons and cautions you need to be aware of. We hope that you will find this guide valuable!



Selling Your RV

Option 1: Selling Your RV Online – Private Sale

Today, one of the most common methods for selling an RV is by listing it online and conducting a private sale. This is traditionally the method that offers the seller the highest value, but it can come with a greater burden (and challenges) in comparison to alternative methods. A few of the sites you can use to sell your RV are:

Selling Your RV Online – Private Sale FAQs

When Should I Sell My RV?

  • Early Spring (March – May). This will bring the highest value when selling privately.
  • Fall / Winter (September – March). Selling your RV in the fall saves your unit from winter wear and tear. (NOTE: You can ensure a quick sale if you sell your RV to an independent RV dealer during this time.)

What Are Some Advertising Tips?

When you sell your RV online & conduct a private sale, the responsibility is on YOU to advertise, respond to ads, manage showings, and provide a bill of sale to the customer.

  • Our tips:
    Take bright, clear pictures of your unit (free of snow). You should provide a number of photos from different angles of the outside and inside of your RV.
  • Put some thought into your writeup, and make the content personal to appeal to your target audience (fellow camping enthusiasts!).
  • Depending on your budget, it can be extremely beneficial to run advertisements for your unit. Most of the platforms we listed above allow you to pay to boost your ad so that it will be seen by a wider audience.
  • Stay on top of your messages. If you take too long to reply to an inquiring potential customer, they may become frustrated, lose interest, or seek alternative sellers.

How Can I Discover The Value Of My RV?

Are you unsure of what your RV might be worth? Luckily, many websites can give you great value estimates! It is important that you note the currency of the website (most show values in USD) so that you can determine the accurate price (after conversion if applicable).

  • Here are a few sites you can visit to help you determine your RV’s value:

Option 2: Selling Your RV To RV Mobile Edmonton *NEW*

Did you hear? You can now sell your RV to our experts here at RV Mobile Edmonton!

At RV Mobile Edmonton, high-quality service is our business. When you sell your RV to us, we will provide you with inspection reports that are clear, complete, and accurate. Let us handle all of the hassles that can come with selling an RV so you can focus on the things that matter most to you. 



Buying an RV

Below are three options you can consider for when you are ready to buy your RV.

No matter where you plan on purchasing your RV, make sure to read the reviews (from lowest to highest) and find the common thread with the business. Are they honest? Will the purchase likely go smoothly? Were their customers treated fairly? As we all know, not every review is an accurate depiction of the business, but if you read enough of them you will pick up on the subtle factors and patterns that define a company.

Option 1: Purchasing From A Dealership

When most people think of purchasing a camper, they immediately think of visiting an RV Dealership. Although the advantage of this is that the RV will be brand new, there are several disadvantages that come along with this method. For example:

  • You often pay an extremely high price for a new unit.
  • New RVs lose an estimated 30% of their value within the first 3 years of ownership.
  • Dealership inventories are limited to one or two dealer lines. This means that you have a very limited variety of camper brands to choose from.
  • You may be pressured by the staff to make a purchase, even if the RV doesn’t fully meet your needs. These commission-based sellers want to sell you what they have on the lot and not necessarily what you need or want.
  • Your insurance premiums will be higher.
  • Wait times to receive warranty service can be as high as 6-8 WEEKS during camping season.
  • New RV’s take 1-2 years to work out all the issues, which often means regular trips back to the dealership.

Option 2: Buying On Consignment

RV consignment is when a business (usually an RV dealer), uses their resources to sell your used RV for you. While the RV is being consigned, the original owner still retains ownership and financial responsibility, however, the consignment company handles any inquiries, marketing, and financing of the unit.

The disadvantages of buying an RV on consignment include:

  • The price you purchase the unit at may be inflated. This is so that the consignment company can earn their money. (Generally, 10-15% of the sale price.)
  • Typically, consignment businesses only sell and don’t have a service facility for after-the-sale support and maintenance. That means that you’ll have to hunt for another business for these services, which can be an inconvenience.
  • Since the RV you buy from consignment doesn’t belong to the consignment dealer, it may leave you with potential issues that weren’t discovered through their inspection.

Option 3: Buying A Used RV From RV Mobile Edmonton *NEW*

RV Mobile Edmonton’s primary business has been evaluating and repairing used RVs. That makes our team your best resource for purchasing a unit, since we have extensive RV knowledge and experience.

We have a wide variety of used RVs from different brands that you can choose from. We stand behind every RV, we sell and provide no charge warranties on all of the main components.

Furthermore, when you purchase an RV through us, we can offer you after-sale care and maintenance plans to bring you peace of mind, keep your RV operating at its best, and help you get the most out of your investment.

The RV ownership experience with RV Mobile Edmonton is smooth and enjoyable with on-site RV storage, Parts and Service Centre and Convenience items to prep for your camping trip. Our RV Service Technicians are always available to answer questions about RVs in our inventory, or provide you with free advice on your existing unit(s).

If you are ready to purchase an RV, we invite you to contact our team today. We can talk with you to help you determine the best RV option to meet your unique needs and can provide you with finance options to suit your budget. We hope to hear from you soon!




Whether you are looking to buy or sell your RV, receive repair or maintenance service, or purchase parts, RV Mobile Edmonton is your best resource in Alberta, Canada.

Regardless of if you choose to sell to us, buy through us, receive service, or simply call on our team of experts for advice, we are always glad to be of assistance.

Contact us to learn more.

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